Show Rss feed in wordpress dashboard

Add an RSS feed show widget to your client WordPress admin dashboard. So your user found your informative content right to their WordPress admin dashboard. 

Sometimes we create the WordPress website for client or others. But for copyright or some other issue, we cannot add our website link to the front-end or site view. On the other hand, your clients may wish to show tips, tutorial or post from your RSS feed in your clients WordPress Admin Dashboard. Basically, It will help you client or other with your posted informative articles. And give you some backlink too 🙂

Copy & paste the above code to your WordPress theme function.php file located on your “WordPress directory/wp-content/themes/YOUR_RUNNING_THEME/function.php”. It will show an active widget to the WordPress admin dashboard home. Please make sure you replace those instructed items with your preference. You will found that instruction comment on the code. It’s quite simple. You can use any other method you want but it’s easy for me :). Hope you will solve your RSS feed to WordPress admin dashboard problem too.

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